**SpeedForSale Stage 6 GR6 Package (1650+ ft/lb torque)**



Please note that 2008-2011 CBA model GT-R's also require 3x of Dodson Gear Selector Rings, as the OEM rings frequently break and cause other problems with the transmission!

  • Dodson Pro-Max 13-Plate 1650+ lb/ft clutch kit
  • Dodson Primary Output Shaft OS
  • Dodson Billet Mid Plate R35GR6MIDPLATE
  • Dodson Heavy Duty Shift Fork 2/4 gears GDSF-24
  • Dodson Heavy Duty Shift Fork 3/5 gears GDSF-35
  • T1 Billet Differential Cover
  • Wavetrac Race Differential
  • AMS Alpha GR6 Filter Relocation and Extension Kit

This Stage 6 Package also includes all of these items from Stage 5:

  • Dodson Extreme Duty Full 1-6 Gearset with MC1 circlip ED6SFS2 (OPTIONAL OVERDRIVEN 6TH GEAR! SELECT BELOW!)
  • Dodson Rear Transfer Drop Gears R35ROGR
  • Dodson Billet Main Shaft Thrust Plate MAINSHAFTPLATE
  • Dodson Upgraded and blueprinted GR6 Oil Pump service (includes both parts and labor)
  • Dodson FWD Output Shaft FOS
  • Dodson FWD Output Pinion FWDP
  • Dodson FWD Clutch Pack Upgrade
  • Dodson Heavy Duty Shift Fork 1st/Reverse GDSF-1R
  • Dodson Heavy Duty Synchronizer Set (quantity of 7 sets) Synchro-Set
  • Dodson GR6 Sport Race Heavy Duty Green Transmission Fluid DMS-TFP-SPORT10
  • Dodson Gear Selector Shaft 2/4/6 GSS246
  • Dodson Gear Selector Shaft 3/5 GSS35
  • Dodson GR6 Output Shaft Mechanical Circlip MC2
  • Dodson GR6 Transmission Primary Pan Pick-Up Filter TPF
  • Dodson Magnet Kit for Transmission and Differential PFK
  • Dodson O Ring Kit ORK
  • Dodson Reuseable Transmission Filter TF
  • Dodson Output Shaft End Float Shim OSEFSHIM
  • Dodson Mainshaft Upgraded Thrust Washer 3rd Gear MTW3G
  • Dodson Mainshaft Upgraded Thrust Washer 6th Gear MTW6G
  • Dodson Mainshaft Upgraded Thrust Washer Reverse Gear MTWRG
  • Dodson Thrust Bearing Circlips for 1/3/5 Gears TBC2_135
  • Dodson Thrust Bearing Circlips for 2/4/6 Gears TBC2_246
  • Dodson Clutch Return Spring Seals RSS
  • Dodson Differential and transmission cooling scoop DS
  • Dodson Engine Temp Switch (68 deg Cooling Thermostat) ETS
  • Dodson Actuator Shim Clip for GP1 & GP2 (same as Nissan TSB) GPAS x 3
  • Dodson FWD gear lock GL
  • Dodson FWD clutch fluid FWD CFL
  • Dodson FWD outshaft seal FWD-OSS
  • Dodson FWD Ball Retaining Ring
  • Dodson Input Shaft Seals, Pair ISS
  • Dodson Anti Surge Plate ASP
  • Dodson Billet Alloy Transmission Pan / Sump TP
  • Dodson High Temperature Differential Cover Seal DCS
  • T1 Upper and Lower Transmission Braces
  • Motul FF Competition 75w140 Rear Differential Oil (3 bottles)
  • OEM Nissan transmission pan gasket
  • OEM Nissan transmission drain plug/gasket
  • OEM Nissan transmission filler plug gasket

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